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What is a simple fracture?

A fracture is simply a medical term for a broken bone. There are two types of fractures: Simple Fracture & Compound Fracture

A simple fracture is often referred to as a closed fracture. A simple fracture is a fracture in which the injured bone cracks or breaks but does not pierce the skin.

A compound fracture is a fracture in which the injured bone sticks through the skin. Also known as an open fracture, a compound fracture can be a bit more serious in nature. Compound fractures usually require surgery. During surgery, doctors repair the break in the bone as well as the break in the skin and clean out the wound to prevent infection.

At Benchmark Urgent and Family Care we treat simple fractures or closed fractures.

If you have a compound fracture or open fracture please seek immediate care at an emergency room.

How will you determine if I have a fracture?

At Benchmark Urgent & Family Care we will examine the area and take x-rays in-office.

If the bone is broken our clinicians will evaluate the type of fracture and recommend appropriate care and treatment.

How will it be treated?

To ensure faster bone healing, your Benchmark Urgent & Family Care clinician will categorize the fracture by type and recommend appropriate treatment. Proper bone healing requires immobilization of the affected area. In most cases, this will mean wearing a cast, sling, splint, and/or brace.

In extreme cases, fracture treatment may include surgery. Rehabilitation or physical therapy may also be recommended while broken bones are healing, to maintain strength and flexibility in surrounding muscle tissue.

Healing Process

Once a fracture is properly realigned and immobilized, the body takes over. New cells form, and the old bone tissue is replaced by new, usually within six to eight weeks. In some cases, however, bone healing may take several months.

It is essential to have a broken bone properly examined and diagnosed by the Benchmark Urgent & Family Care clinicians. We will help your fracture heal smoothly.