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Opioid Addiction Metairie Urgent Care

Opioid Addiction 

 Benchmark Urgent and Family Care - Metairie, LA

Opioid Addiction Metairie Louisiana Urgent Care



At Benchmark Urgent & Family Care we know firsthand that recovery is a commitment on your end and OURS. Our opiate treatment program opened in the Summer of 2018 specifically with you and your family in mind.

We have a team of dedicated medical professionals including the expertise of Dr. Michael Cotugno. Dr. Mike has been in medical practice for over 26 years. His dedication to his patients is reflected in his care, bedside manner and personalized treatment plans for all of his patients.



Dr. Mike and his medical team have developed the following list to help identify signs & symptoms of opiate abuse for you and your family to better identify if you need care:

·      Substance dependence

·      Taking the medication more frequently or in larger amounts

·      Needle marks on arms or legs from intravenous (injected) use

·      Constricted, “pinpoint” pupils

·      Having trouble staying awake, or falling asleep at inappropriate times

·      Flushed, itchy skin

·      Withdrawing from social activities that were once enjoyed

·      Sudden and dramatic mood swings that seem out of character

·      Impulsive actions and decision-making

·      Engaging in risky activities, such as driving under the influence

·      Visiting multiple doctors in order to obtain more prescriptions


Opiates, also known as “opioid painkillers,” include prescription drugs such as hydrocodone, fentanyl, heroin and morphine.


DON’T FACE ADDICTION ALONE. If you are struggling, we can help.



Information for Patients 

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Information for Families 

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Frequently Asked Questions For Families:

1.)   What is an opioid use disorder?

2.)  Why do some people develop a problem and others don’t?

3.)   Who provides treatment for substance abuse?

4.)   What happens first? 

5.)   What types of treatment programs does Benchmark Urgent & Family Care provide? 

6.)   What if I need help with basic living issues?

7.)   What if I’m afraid it won’t work?